We help you grow your business with assurance, accounting, taxation and consulting services.

About Compex

Compex Group is a leading Middle Eastern firm offering Assurance, Accountancy, Taxation, and Consulting Services. With over 30 years of experience, working across 10+ countries in the MEA region, Compex continues to provide its clients with highly qualified professional services and advice, that enable them to meet their financial goals.

Compex is dedicated to assisting its clients with determining their goals and aspirations, working with them on developing a strategic plan and walking them to their desired end result.

Compex Group is a member of the leading multinational group Parker Russell International, and has established offices in Lebanon, Iraq and the UAE.


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Services We Offer
Rigorous risk assessment
Diagnostic processes
Audit testing procedures
Accounting processes
Internal & external reporting
Tax and VAT filing
Tax optimization advisory
Accurate & timely payroll
Compliance to rules & regulations
Legal structure advisory
Legal risk compliance
Incorporation tax filings
Market assessment, feasibility study
Valuation, M&A, cost cutting
Quality control, portfolio management
Specialized training topics
Recruiting, HR policy & planning
Job description & evaluation policies
Org restructuring & governance
Market entry & expansion strategy
Marketing & sales strategy
Software requirements analysis
Software restructuring design
Financial reporting design

Industries We Serve
Business Services is a promising sector that is responding well to market upturn. However, it is facing rapid changes and challenges, which are putting CEOs of organizations under pressure to meet growth and profit...
Global health care spending is expected to quickly rise in the coming years, which will present many opportunities for the sector. Despite promising growth, health care stakeholders need to invest in innovation...
The Telecom industry has shown resilience and fast recovery during the past financial crises, with the majority of players seeing minimal impact on their returns. Due to stable nature of demand in this sector, with retail and...
Technology companies face intense pressure to stay ahead of the competition and to offer best-in-class ideas. The demanding consumers, fast production cycles and constant disruption mean technology companies need...
Media & Entertainment industry is in a transformation phase, with interactivity, digitization, multiple-platforms, multiple-devices and globalization of services-based landscape remodeling the industry...
Education is an important sector that defines our society and its future. It is a stable and resilient industry that is nonetheless facing changes, as institutions are increasingly required to invest in innovation and...
The financial services industry is one of the largest and most impactful components of the economy. As the industry continues to grow, the adoption of digital technology is accelerating while compliance and regulation...
Our insurance expertise groups together years of experience in actuarial, risk, operations, technology, tax and audit. These skill sets, combined with deep industry knowledge, allow us to provide a breadth of services to...
F&B is an industry full of innovation, with new products and lower-cost production techniques constantly introduced. With different trends continuously moving through the industry, our deep understanding of what is...
The challenges faced by decision makers in the public sector are immense, as governments and organizations are forced to deliver effective and efficient public services in a fiscally constrained environment...
Our talented and experienced team has built a strong expertise in the Security industry, through our work with major clients in both the public and private sectors. We are passionate about supporting you build a strong...
Construction assurance, accounting and tax is unique and more complex than other sectors. It requires a unique form of financial management and bookkeeping, which is designed to specifically help construction...
The manufacturing industry is constantly facing new challenges and opportunities in light of changing market dynamics. We help businesses evolve and thrive in a changing industry, where disruptive technologies are...
Renewable energy generation is dramatically transforming the power and utilities sector, and it is expected to become the main source of energy in the coming years. Power and utility companies have to implement...
The Private Equity industry continues to grow at a fast pace with high levels of fundraising activity that have led to a new “dry powder” record (i.e., funds yet to be invested) of $1.5trillion globally. Private Equity funds...
Real Estate is one of the most prominent industries in the Middle East region, which despite fluctuations, has remained consistent due to the fact that people always need homes and offices...
The role of charities is becoming increasingly more important and challenging, due to the high levels of change and uncertainty in our economy and society...
Our team helps companies identify, understand, and respond to changing trends, business models, and opportunities in the rapidly evolving landscape. We help bring innovative solutions to solve complex Retail...
With new trends and ideas, the fashion industry will see large amounts of innovation in the coming years as new technology and changing customer trends and demands will transform the industry...
Logistics import export background and transport industry of Container truck and Cargo ship with working crane bridge in shipyard at sunset sky
The impact of technology on the transportation and hospitality industry is enormous as it has not only provided convenience to the travelers but has also helped the travel and tourism industry to stay in touch with their...

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Worldwide network of independent accountants and business advisors.
Represented in 50+ countries.
Ranked 21st largest accounting association in the world.
Members follow high standards of operation and are selected based on specific requirements for size, reputation, quality, portfolio, location.

Client Testimonials

"With Compex you forget about tax and accounting headaches and concentrate on your core business."
"It is rare to find a business partner similar to Compex who is devoted and selfless."
"We treat Compex as a partner, rather than an outsource."
"Working with Compex is a guarantee of outstanding outcome."